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Damn that RL.

Argh, hey, sorry to everyone that I have been so damn busy lately, I've been neglecting my net friends. =[ 

School has eaten time, online shopping for a damn graphics tablet has eaten time, and most of all my new MP4 player has DEVOURED time. I got it on Thursday FINALLY, and since then I've been attempting to figure the thing out. I almost bricked it on Friday night, trying to apply my homebrew skin =p Couldn't do it, gave up, the whole night wasted, and a damn shame coz it was a mighty fine skin. Maybe I shall post a pic.

But yeah, it worked for a sec then the player crashed. I think I must have upgraded/downgraded the firmware a trillion times.

And modding the Sims 2 has been taking up a bit of time, as well. Eh. I really need to spend a lot less time on the computer.

Oh, here's some news. I went to a chiropractor today, and apparently there are a shit load of things strange about me. XD Well, I always knew that, but now I know at least some of the specifics. Firstly, my right leg is much shorter than my left leg, which explains why I always stand leaning to one side, ALL the time. Secondly, apparently I grind my teeth at night, which explains the odd headaches I sometimes get. Thirdly, my pelvis is...well I dunno, but there's something wrong with my pelvis, which explains the debilating period pain. Oh, and there's some reason for my shittass sleeping, as well. Finally we can sort me out. =P

I'll talk to you all later,

Updateness =]

 Pffffft. IT is boring, so I am here posting instead of listening to Ms. Urban crap on about Flash. =D

So how is everyone? Sorry I've hardly been on lately. School chews time. -_-'         Had the greatest time at TTP the other day, me and my friends were going nuts and running through the mall for no reason at all, specifically tearing apart Big W and Myer. God I love acting like a kid. =D

Rawrrr, so many damn assignments lately....can't keep track... Note to self- do science and maths homework.

Oh oh oh, I have soccer training tonight. =D

Okay, some backstory. Our coaches last year were David and Jason. David was a faggot pussy and pathetic coach who wore berets and knitted cardigans and other faggy clothes that looked horrible. Jason was uh, kinda hot, but his VOICE was so ANNOYING. >_< One of those really really irritating Aussie accents, you know?

Well anyways, this year the season has just started, and boy were we suprised when Jason and David did NOT turn up for practice. They weren't our coaches anymore =O But but but, we met one of our new coaches, some Serbian guy called Brian or Ryan or something. He seemed pretty cool, much better coach than David was anyway. The other coach is allegedly called Sav, and we shall meet him tonight. =D

Shall keep you all updated about this Sav guy. >_>

Memey goodness.

 From my dear sinistrasnape =]

1. Post the questions in your journal, but answer them!
2. After that, tag 6 friends. If the friends don't do it, it means they don't give a shit about your entries and they aren't worthy to be on your f-list! :D Unless they got a good reason to not do it (Now is that a stupid rule or what? =p)
3. People who has already done the meme, if they are re-tagged, they don't have to do it again. They should inform the person who has tagged them again!


Woah woah woah.

Wow, look, an update. Been a while since we've seen one of these!

Eurgh. School starts again in a few days time. Please God no. Well, okay, I do miss hanging out with my friends at school every day, it'd be good to see everyone again. But- I cannot stand the early starts. 6:30am, no thanks. God, I wish school started later, around 9:30-10. That'd suit me much better, thanks.

It is Greek Easter this weekend, everyone. Happy Easter, or as we would say Christos Anesti (can't be stuffed using actual Greek letters there. =p). Having the family over tomorrow for Easter Sunday. =D



nananananananana Spiderman!

Hey peoples. I just got back from Rundle Mall, was just chilling with Sarah and Bianca. Usually I'm at Rundle with like 10 other people, and it's hell busy, so today was a nice relaxing change.

I wanna get a Run DMC tshirt and a Public Enemy tshirt. And, I want a Pacman pendant, but they're like $90 </ripoff> -_-' 

Damndamndamn, I wish that bloody MP4 Nation would hurry up and get the freaking Onda VX747 8gb in stock so I can get one. I have about 20 albums downloading and nowhere to put them!!! Damn Samsung and it's 4gb capacity...-_-'

Oh, speaking of music- ATMOSPHERE'S NEW ALBUM. When Life Gives You lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold.  Am attempting to find a download for it right this moment- apparently it's a tight album =D 

I think that's all for now folks. Catcha later. <33



Hey. Hey Hey. Hey Hey Hey. Hey Hey Hey Hey.

Alright, as you can see I am pretty bored right now. Just got back from TTP with a few mates (TTP= the local shopping mall), and now am bored again. I'm getting a new MP3 player soon (well, MP4 player, actually. PMP, actually.) =D This is it, the Onda VX747. Think of it as a cheap version of the iPod Touch, but with more features and a LOT more storage space. =] Yay for cheap brands.


Other than that, not much new news. I have fallen in love with the Devil May Cry series again. <33 It was going to happen eventually. XD


How's this for unexpected?

Okay, so I had just finished reading the book Dreamcatcher by Stephen King the other day, and I loved it, yeah? And of course, when there's a book you really love you just gotta watch the movie. So I went to the video store yesterday, and rented the DVD. 

Guess who plays one of the main characters? Our very own Damian Lewis. SQUEE.

And a very loud squee at that ^_^ Imagine the shock I had when I realised my beloved Jonesy was in fact played by everyone's beloved Damian. <3

But wait, there's more! Not one, but two BoB actors in this movie! Guess who plays Duddits, the guy with Down Syndrome. Donnie Wahlberg. SQUEE. MEGAshock.

And, the movie was actually not that bad for a book-to-movie. I was expecting it to be much worse, actually, considering the length and complexity of the novel. A lot of the lines were taken directly out of the book, which was a good thing. The only thing I am confused about was why did they change the goddamned ending so much? But I am still to watch the Original Ending in the bonus features, maybe that offers some redemption.

Damian Lewis was awesome as Jonesy, obviously. But what I am really suprised at is Donnie Wahlberg's portrayal of a man with Down Syndrome- I gotta say, it was great. I was actually suprised at how good it was. My dad watched the movie as well, and when I told him that it was Donnie, our very own Lipton from BoB, he didn't believe me. XD

"Don't eat the cows!"

Hey hey. Sorry that I haven't been on for the last couple days- I've been pretty busy as hell with school and social life and stuff.

The last week of term has finished, so now I'm on a two-week-break. WOOT WOOT. :D So I haven't been online coz in the last week, EVERYTHING is due. So I had a shit-load of work to do. -_-'

I went to town with mates last night. Bought a dogtag chain (finally) and the Devil May Cry manga. ^_^ Bout time. 


I SAW JOSH!! Teehee. I got a Josh-hug last night. Sarah was so jealous and I kinda felt bad, but she said she was okay, so I am hell happy right now. =D


Hehe. Guess what I just found out. 

My Trek teacher, Ms. Pickering, is a Band of Brothers fan.

My TREK teacher.

I found this out by fluke, when we were all talking about where we'd like to travel. I mentioned Normandy, she asked me if I had read Band of Brothers.


I am guaranteed an A for this subject, for sure. Never mind that Ms. Pickering looks like Steve Irwin. =p



I think this calls for a very big WHATTHEFUCK.

So I was innocently browsing through camp_toccoabecause I hadn't been over there in a while. Was just scrolling down the screen, when all of a sudden, the latest scene of m_buggie's BOB Musical pops up randomly. Without me clicking it. 

And then it popped up again. And again. And again. And no matter how much I tried, I couldn't close them. Pretty soon, I ended up with a screen absolutely BOMBARDED with BOB Musicals. I had to restart my computer.



That was fun.